"314 LV2 plugins already pre-installed"

Hi everybody,

Sorry but… I installed a fresh image of patchbox after many tries to upgrade my old system, but now I got this (no “314 LV2 plugins already pre-installed”) :

What can I do ?

Dans l’attente de vous lire.

Bien à vous

If you read the announcement of 1.12, Blokas no longer includes the plugins in the base installation image:

For those of us that were on a version prior to 1.12 we just copied the lv2 plugin directory from our old setup and copied to the lv2 plugin directory on 1.12. Did you happen to install the 1.10 version previously?

Thanks for your reactivity.

Yes I installed the 1.10 version previously, but the " `patchbox update && patchbox module activate modep!" crashed my setup.

I am ready to install a previous version (1.10), but I have to find someone to learn to upgrade the image correctly : you ?

If you have a working 1.12 setup then maybe the best course of action would be to just get a copy of the plugins from 1.10 and copy them to 1.12. @Giedrius @Pranciskus do we have a public link to just the plugins in V1.10? professeur could download and install to 1.12 instead of reinstalling 1.10 then upgrading. I think I have a copy somewhere at home so I could upload these as a compressed file as well.

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yes please :pleading_face:

I try to find a previous version of Patchbox OS but no success now…

Before I had this, with MIDI channel filter, etc (sorry but when I captured the screen, my KeyStep Pro was turn to off) :

Do this: Can I install MODEP without Patchbox? - #6 by Giedrius

All worked fine : thank you :wink: !

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