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Midihub Editor Suggestions

Hub has not arrived yet, but I downloaded the editor to have a look editor looks slick, and is really easy to use. a could of suggestions: a) could you change the pipe properties into an ‘inspector panel’ rather than…

44 September 10, 2018
Midihub Pipes Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for your consideration: CC remapping To transform CC messages to other CC messages, or be able to assign one CC message to multiple CC messages. Velocity mapping To be able to assign Vel…

16 September 12, 2018
Midihub Hardware Suggestions

Suggestions concerning the Midihub device itself. The Preset Select Button: better debouncing. Jumps very often two or more values. Labelling: A/B/C/D Prints on the Input and Output sockets would be great.

20 September 12, 2018
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