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Hey guys, here’s the update which adds MIDI Mapping to pipe arguments! :slight_smile: It is still an early iteration of the functionality and it will get improved over time, but we think it’s at a good stage to show it …

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Here are some suggestions for your consideration: CC remapping To transform CC messages to other CC messages, or be able to assign one CC message to multiple CC messages. Velocity mapping To be able to assign Vel…

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Hub has not arrived yet, but I downloaded the editor to have a look editor looks slick, and is really easy to use. a could of suggestions: a) could you change the pipe properties into an ‘inspector panel’ rather than…

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Suggestions concerning the Midihub device itself. The Preset Select Button: better debouncing. Jumps very often two or more values. Labelling: A/B/C/D Prints on the Input and Output sockets would be great.

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